Developer API Overview


The Developer API exposes certain Jack Imaging features for integration with your application. These features include
  • User authentication using OAuth2
  • DICOM (medical image) management, including upload and direct URLs for viewing the images
  • Patient case management, including attaching a DICOM study to a case, and sharing that case with a specialist

Getting started

It's easy to get started using the Jack Imaging Developer API. Just follow these steps to be up and running in less than 5 minutes.
  1. Create a Jack Imaging account. Sign up now
  2. Log into your Jack Imaging account.
  3. Go to Settings -> Manage profile, and activate your Developer API access by providing a credit card and information about your organization.
  4. Go to Settings -> Manage profile -> Manage my organization to access your API settings. Register a new client for each of your applications.
  5. Follow the documentation and start using the API.


Our pricing is simple. We give you 1GB for free, and charge USD $0.10 per month for each additional GB.


The documentation for the latest version of the Jack Imaging Developer API can be found here.

The fine print

By signing up for the Developer API, you agree to the following: